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Below, you can find the listing of accepted papers with at least one author (name in bold) registered with the conference until May 14th.


Paper Title


A Bilevel Model for a Network Design and Tariff Setting Problem Luce Brotcorne, Martine Labbé, Patrice Marcotte and Gilles Savard
A Bi-Level Programming Approach for Trip Matrix Updating and Network Calibration G. Xu and W. H. K. Lam
A Branch and Price Approach for a Profitable Arc Routing Problem Dominique Feillet, Pierre Dejax and Michel Gendreau
A Column Generation Scheme for Shipment Planning at an Oil Refinery Maud Göthe-Lundgren, Jan T. Lundgren and Jan A. Persson
A Combinatorial User-Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment Algorithm S. Travis Waller and Athanasios K. Ziliaskopoulos 
A Computational Method for Dynamic and Stochastic Revenue Management Problems Anton Kleywegt and Vijay Bharadwaj
A Decision Support Methodology for Strategic Traffic Management Torbjörn Larsson, Jan T. Lundgren, Clas Rydergren and Michael Patriksson
A Doubly Dynamic Assignment Model for the Simulation of Advanced Travelers Information Systems Ennio Cascetta and Pierluigi Coppola
A dual algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Brian Kallehauge
A Dynamic Approach to Vehicle Scheduling Dennis Huisman, Richard Freling and Albert P. M. Wagelmans
A forecasting model for Inland Navigation Stella Fiorenzo Catalano and Nanne van der Zijpp
A local search algorithm for a complex distribution network design problem Daniela Ambrosino
A Method to approximate the steepest descent direction of the O-D Matrix adjustment problem Esteve Codina and Lidia Montero
A Multi-item Transportation Problem with Inventory Costs Shoshama Anily and Michal Tzur
A Multi-Lane Extension of the Space-Time Queue Model of Traffic Dynamics Michael Mahut
A new algorithm for real-time estimation of dynamic OD tables Michel Bierlaire, Frank Crittin and Benoît Emonet
A Variable Neighbourhood Descent for the Undirected Capacitated Arc Routing Problem Alain Hertz and  Michel Mittaz
Accelerated Averaging Methods for Fixed Point Problems in Transportation Analysis and Planning Jon Bottom and Ismail Chabini
Aircraft Flow Scheduling in the Terminal Maneuvering Area Lucio Bianco, Paolo Dell'Olmo and Stefano Giordani
Airline Fleet Assignment and Extensions: A New Model and Solution Approach Cynthia Barnhart, Amr Farahat anf Manoj Lohatepanont
Algorithms for Shortest Path Problems in Continuous-Time Dynamic Networks Ismail Chabini
An Integrated Approach to Vehicle and Crew Scheduling Dennis Huisman, Richard Freling and Albert P. M. Wagelmans
An Integrated Model for Logistics Network Design Jean François Cordeau, Federico Pasin and Marius M. Solomon
Analysis of Demand Uncertainty Effects in Ground Delay Programs Michael Ball, Thomas Vossen and Robert Hoffman
Analysis of Real-Time Road Pricing Systems with Microsimulation Models Dave Milne and Ronghui Liu
Analytical Multiclass Dynamic Traffic Assignment: Some Results Concerning Model Inputs and Outputs Michiel C. J. Bliemer and Piet H. L. Bovy
Approximate solutions for the CPP on a mixed graph Angel Corberan, R. Martí and J. M. Sanchis
Auction Mechanisms for Freight Transportation Jawad Abrache, Teodor Crainic and Michel Gendreau
Bartoc  A Booking algorithm for routing and timing of customers Oli B. G. Madsen
Bee System: Modeling Combinatorial Optimization Transportation Engineering Problems by Swarm Intelligence Panta Lucic and Dusan Teodorovic
Benders' cuts for solving Pickup-and-Delivery Travelling Salesman Problems Juan-José Salazar-González
Calibration of microscopic traffic simulation models Moshe Ben-Akiva, A. Davol,H. N. Koutsopoulos and T. Toledo
Combined Trip Matrix Estimation and Traffic Assignment on Congested Networks in Saturn Ronghui Liu, Dirck Van Vliet, Michael J. Maher and Xiaoyan Zhang
Cost Models in Vehicle Routing Problems Lawrence Bodin and John Sniezek
Cross-nested and GEV models: mathematical formulation and estimation software package Michel Bierlaire
Cycle-Based Meta-Heuristics for Fixed-Charge Capacitated Multicommodity Network Design Teodor Crainic, Ilfat Ghamlouche and Michel Gendreau
Dispatching of an Electric Monorail System: Applying Meta-Heuristics to an Online Pickup and Delivery Problem Kai Gutenschwager, Christian Niklaus and Stefan Voss
Dynamic OD Estimation Using Additional Information from Traffic Signal Lights Timing Irina Matschke and Bernhard Friedrich
Estimating the terminal reliability of degradable transport networks Michael G.H. Bell and Yasunori Iida
Estimation of  Time-Varying O/D Transit Matrices from Traffic Counts Agostino Nuzzolo and Umberto Crisalli
Exploiting Knowledge about Future Demands for Real -Time Vehicle Dispatching Soumia Ichoua, Michel Gendreau and Jean-Yves Potvin
Facility Location in Supply Chain Design Jörg Kalsics, Teresa Melo and Stefan Nickel
Flexible many-to-few + few-to-many = an almost personalize transit system Teodor Crainic, Federico Malucelli and Maddalena Donato
Frequency-Based Algorithms for the Minimization of the Transportation and Inventory Costs on a Single Link Luca Bertazzi and Mari Grazia Speranza
Improving Crew Scheduling by Incorporating Key Maintenance Routing Decisions Amy Mainville Cohn and Cynthia Barnhart 
Inspection Facilities on a Network: Optimal Locations and Inspection Equilibrium Pitu B. Mirchandani, David E. Lucas, Ranjit Rebello and Ferenc Szidarovszky
Irreducibility of Traffic Systems Srinivas Peeta and Raghubhushan Pasupathy
Map-Based Logistics Support with Dynamic Routing Janny M. Y. Leung, C. H. Cheng, Jacky C. F. Wong and Paul T. W. Fung
Maximizing the traffic flow information from a partial sensor location Lucio Bianco, Giuseppe Confessore and Monica Gentili
Mixed-Integer Models for the Delay Management Problem Anita Schöbel
Modeling Spatial Characteristics of Transport Demand using GIS and Household Interview Survey Data Soi-Hoi Lam and Chenfei Song
Modeling Travel Times in Dynamic.  Transportation Networks: A Fluid Dynamic Approach Soulaymane Kachani and George Perakis
Models and Techniques for Dispatching Passenger Trains, part I R. M. Lentink, L. G. Kroon and R. Freling
Models and Techniques for Passenger Train Dispatching, part II R. Freling, G. Gallo, L. G. Kroon and R. M. Lentink
Models for Design and Analysis of a Large Package Sort Facility Paul McAree, Lawrence Bodin and Michael Ball
Multi-modal Network with Probable Transfer Rules and Nonlinear Fare Structure Hong K. Lo and C. W. Yip
Multiclass Multilane Network Modeling and Prediction Serge Hoogendoorn, Hans van Lint and Piet H. L. Bovy
Multicriteria shortest paths in stochastic networks for the transportation of hazardous materials P. Dell'Olmo, M. Gentili and A Scozzari
Must Congestion be priced? -How to quantify and deal with this problematic urban impairment- Faustino Gomes and Paulo Martins
Network Equlibrium Models: A Class of Column Generation/ Simplicial Decomposition Algorithms Ricardo García and Angel Marín
New Polyhedral Aspects of Hub Location Problems Horst W. Hamacher, Martine Labbé, Stefan Nickel and Tim Sonneborn
Optimal location of intermodal freight hubs Illia Racunica and Laura Wynter
Optimal Pricing and Network design of a Multi-modal transport Network Laura Wynter
Optimizing  Timetable-Based Stochastic Transit Assignment Models Otto Anker Nielsen and Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen 
Optimizing Complex Operational Problems under Incomplete Information with an Application to Locomotive Power Management Belgacem Bouzaiene-Ayari, Warren Powell and Arun Marar
Optimizing Real Time Truckload Operations with an Ant System Karl Doerner, Richard F. Hartl and Marc Reimann
Planning Models for Freight Transportation in Congested Urban Areas Teodor Crainic, Nicoletta Ricciardi and Giovanni Storchi
Real- Time Transportation Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Design Pitu B. Mirchandani
Reoptimizing shortest paths Paola Festa, Stefano Pallotino and Maria Grazia Scutellŕ
Robust Airline Crew Scheduling Diego Klabjan, Andrew J. Schaefer, Ellis L. Johnson, Anton J. Kleywegt and George Nemhauser 
Route Choice: Choice Set Generation and Probabilistic Choice Models Shlomo Bekhor, Moshe E. Ben-Akiva and M. Scott Ramming
Routing of Hazardous Materials on Dissimilar Paths Pasquale Carotenuto, Giuseppe Confessore and Salvatore Ricciardelli
Sensitivity Analysis of Traffic Equilibria Revisited Michael Patriksson and R. Tyrrell Rockafellar
Ship scheduling with restricted port opening hours Marielle Christiansen, Kjetil Fagerholt
Simultaneous Multi-Depot Bus and Driver Scheduling Guy Desaulniers, Jean-François Cordeau and Jacques Desrosiers
Speed Limit Control: A problem formulation and theoretical discussions Jean Patrick Lebacque and Habib Haj-Salem 
Stabilized Column Generation for Crew Scheduling Problems Jacques Desrosiers, Marius Solomon, Julie Roy and Hatem Ben Amor
Terminal location integrated with ship routing Mikael Rönnqvist and Dick Carlsson
The Approximate Network Delays Model Kerry M. Malone, Amedeo R. Odoni
The Berth Allocation and Scheduling Problem Raymond K. Cheung, Chung-Lun Li, Wen-Qiang Xiao and Yongpei Guan
The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Vehicle/Site Dependencies John Sniezek, Lawrence Bodin, Lawrence Lévy and Michael Ball
The Cycle-Location Problem Martine Labbé, Immaculada Rodríguez-Martín and Juan-José Salazar-González
The Macroscopic Analysis of Markovian Traffic Assignment Models David Watling and Martin Hazelton
The Multi-Layered Resource Scheduling Problem Hugo P. Simao and Warren Powell
The multiclass network toll design problem with social and spatial equity constraints Hai Yang and Xiaoning Zhang
The Shortest Path Problem with k-Cycle Elimination (k>=3): Improving a Branch and Price Algorithm for the VRPTW Stefan Irnich
The vehicle routing game: An application of cost allocation in a gas and oil company Stefan Engevall, Maud Göthe-Lungren and Peter Värbrandt
The vehicle routing problem with double and triple capacity, general distances and multiple customer visits C. Archetti, R. Mansini and M.G. Grazia
The Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickup and Delivery Bernard Gendron and Frédéric Semet
The Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Simultaneous Pick-up and Delivery  Enrico Angelelli and Renata Mansini
Time-of-day modeling using a quasi-dynamic equilibrium assignment approach Jim Stada, Steven Logghe, Griet De Ceuster and Ben Immers
Traffic sensor location strategies for deriving network and Origin/ destination flows Lucio Bianco, Giuseppe Confessore and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Train scheduling in regional railway networks Alessandro Mascis, Dario Pacciarelli and Marco Pranzo
Transportation and Information Management to Facilitate Mass Customization June Ma, Linda Nozick, Mark A. Turnquist, Ted Costy, Jeff Tew and Lynn Truss
Valid Inequalities for multicommodity Capacitated, Fixed Charge Network Design Mervat Chouman, Teodor Crainic and Bernard Gendron
Vehicle routing for the collection of recyclable waste - A case study Joăo Teixeira, António Antunes and Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Vehicle Routing with Time Dependent Demand Ann Melissa Campbell and Martin Savelsbergh

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